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Companies in the AEC and EPC industries rely on complex engineering applications and project delivery systems that often cost millions of dollars more than necessary. By working with Group EngTech, our clients optimize their use of these complex applications and systems, significantly reducing costs (CAPEX & OPEX) while improving employee productivity.

In today’s complex projects, the daily use of engineering and design tools often creates challenges delivering applications effectively and facilitating the ability of teams to collaborate virtually. Group EngTech’s experience developing and implementing Virtual Project Delivery (VDC) systems offers unique expertise in using cloud-based technologies and other innovative tools to streamline, deliver and use these tools.

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Setting New Standards of Excellence

Group EngTech identifies our clients' most critical opportunities for selecting and using their costly engineering application technologies. These analyses include the following assessments.

Optimize use of complex applications and systems and reduce costs

  • Negotiate vendor contracts to align with the client business plan and assure the best long-term savings consistent with the business plan.
  • Analyze applications and service utilization to assure that they most effectively support the company’s business model and strategy.
  • Comprehensive sensitivity analysis of current engineering software implementation
  • Identify redundancy (application rationalization). Many organizations pay for multiple applications when they require only one.
  • Recommend upgrades to take advantage of more efficient tools and technologies.
  • Manage product licensing to improve efficiency and reduce costs (use optimization).
  • Analyze usage data to assure the most effective use of current technologies.

Analyze and recommend opportunities for streamlining the delivery, use and cost effectiveness of design and engineering tools.

  • Recommend a long-term strategic plan for the implementation and use of design and engineering technologies, including sustainability.
  • Analyze the strengths and limitations of the current delivery capabilities.
  • Forecast demand for online services, based on strategic plan and client’s business model
  • Identify key areas that require attention/improvement/ to provide continued excellent, consistent, reliable project delivery over time.
  • Identify opportunities to take advantage of cloud-based and other technologies to improve the efficiency of current application delivery system.
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